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Why Bill Pittenger?

Two words. “Experience matters.” Bill Pittenger brings four decades of diverse experience to every assignment. His knowledge of economics, real estate, valuation and banking, together with a deep understanding of how the pieces fit together make him a valuable resource for financial institutions. He has had the unique privilege of applying his skills at large and small, public and private institutions. Over many years, he’s seen “the good, the bad and the ugly” and has learned from it all. Contact Bill today and see how he can serve your bank.

Financial Expert On Call

Understanding how the economic, real estate, appraisal and risk management pieces of a bank fit together like the parts of a well-oiled machine eminently qualifies Bill Pittenger as a resource for your bank. If your bank is experiencing difficulty in today’s troubled economy (and what bank isn’t), let us help you forecast potential losses and their timing as well as help stress test your portfolios. If you’re doing well, let us help you get even better. Even the best of the best need a coach. Let’s talk.

Making It Relevant

An experienced public speaker, Bill’s primary topics are the economy, housing, commercial real estate, real estate valuation and banking. Though an economics presentation might seem a bit dry, Bill is known for making even the driest subject interesting and understandable, delivering in a concise and entertaining fashion — and for a reasonable fee. Schedule Bill now for a board meeting, internal staff meeting, planning retreat, customer service program or prospecting luncheon, dinner or reception.